Werewhal Time, a Podcast

Both quality and quantity suffered in an attempt to publish the first podcast episode on the the 31st of October. The goal was not achieved but sub par content was created.

I attempted to go to the most haunted road in Michigan; Seven Gables Road in Dansville. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to explore the two-track beyond the gate, as I did not know it was state game land. I thought it was private land, so I immediately left as there were a bunch of cars and a camper set up in the cul-de-sac.

It is said that a witch that lived on the land was killed by an angry mob, some years later a man and his family of six attempted to live on the land. He was driven to insanity (by the witch?) and he murdered his family, hanging their bodies from the gables of the house. He hung himself on the seventh gable of the house, hence the name of the road. It sounds like a myth, but who knows.

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