Le Loyon Mystery Man

A photo was recently shot depicting a legendary person, a person known as Le Loyon, a figure that has been haunting the same path in the swiss woods for over ten years.

The figures appearance is unsettling but its behaviour has never been described as menacing or threatening. The person dawns a military uniform, a thick cloak, and his trademark gas mask.

The figure has been theorized as being a crazy woman, to a man with severe burns or some other kind of severe skin condition.

In early reports of Le Loyon, it was said that the figure was often seen carrying a boquet of flowers.

The Legend of the Melonheads

The Legend of the melonheads spans three states but the story is relatively the same. It involves an insane asylum and an evil, abusive Dr. Crowe. His patients are all young children afflicted with hydrocephalus which causes the cranium to be enlarged.

Fed up with the doctors abusive ways, the children retaliate and kill the evil Dr. Crowe. The children then fled into the woods and lived off the land.

People have reported seeing feral like humans, clad in deer skins and having oversized heads, in the area where these legends occurred. Accounts range from full on sightings of the melonheads, to things, such as rocks and sticks, being thrown at their car while investigating these locations.