The Dover Demon

A car full of teenagers was driving down a darkened rural road, in dover mass. One claimed to have seen a large eyed creature, with a bulbous head and tendril like fingers. The eyes were glowing and it appeared to be climbing over an old stone wall. William Bartlette was the one that saw it best, later creating the famous “Dover Demon” sketch.

John Baxter was walking through the woods that same night and claimed to see the same creature. Another young person, Abby Brabham, reported seeing the creature standing up, displaying its 4 foot tall stature. All three witnesses drew sketches of the creature and all three were very similar.

Known as the Mannegishi by the Cree Indians and Memegwesi by the Ojibwa, this little creature is thought to be very similar to the dover demon. Considered to be one of “the little people”, the memegwesi is a trickster, known to live in between the rocks of rivers and tip over canoes. Sometimes, pulling the hapless occupants into the whirlpools where they drown them.

The Loveland Frog Men

Something very strange happened along the little Miami river back in 1955, in Loveland Ohio.
At around 3:30 Am a businessman was traveling on a road that ran along the little Miami, when he noticed three, small bipedal creatures standing alongside of the road.

The man pulled over to the side of the road and observed these creatures for over three minutes. He described them as having leathery skin and were definitely frog-like. They had deep wrinkles on top of their head and their hands and feet were webbed.

As if bothered by the mans observations, one of the humanoids lifted up what the man described as being a wand that suddenly started spewing sparks. The man got the hint and quickly left, the story, however didn’t end with this encounter.

Two policemen claim seeing a very similar creature almost two decades later.
an un-named police officer was cruising down the very same road the original encounter happened. He saw what looked to be a dead dog laying on the side of the road. It wasn’t . the thing jumped up and ran across the road, forcing the officer to slam on his breaks. The thing stopped in the middle of the road, and went from a crouch to a standing position where it stared the officer down for some time, then took off, climbing over the guardrail and presumably splashing into the freezing cold little Miami river.

When a fellow police officer went back to the scene to investigate, claw marks were found in the metal of the guardrail.

This wasn’t the only encounter involving a policeman. Officer Mark Mathews, again, saw what looked to be a dead dog on the side of the road. When he got out of his cruiser to investigate, he was shocked to see the body stand up. Realizing what he was seeing was not normal, he unholstered his side arm and fired. The thing hobbled over the guard rail, keeping its eyes on Mathews the whole time.

Mathews later redacted this account as being nothing more than taking a shot at someones escaped reptilian pet. He claimed he fabricated his account after his fellow officer was scrutinized for his report of seeing the creature.

Later that same year, a farmer was out walking his fields when he saw four similar creatures. They were small and stood upright. They had green skin and wide mouths filled sharp teeth. When they saw the farmer, they retreated to the little Miami river that ran along his farm.

Bald Dogman Sighting in Ohio

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a dogman not having any fur. It makes me wonder  to what degree the creature was lacking in hair; did it have a little or was it perfectly bald? Could this have been a dogman (or bigfoot) with mange or was this actually a rake sighting. FYI, when I say “rake” I’m talking about the cryptid, not the lawn implement.

First read about this encounter here:

‘Dark Gargoyle’ Encountered in Chicago Suburb of Forest Park

At approximately 8:45 PM CT local time, he volunteered to walk his mother’s dog before he left to drive home to Michigan. His mother’s caregiver (a neighbor) usually did this task.

As he walked west on Jackson Blvd, in front of the Howard Mohr Community Center, he noticed something crouched on the roof, behind the facade of the building next door (west) to the community center. Since it was dusk and that there was a bit of light coming from a street light, the witness was able to observe whatever this was.

He had stopped walking and was 50 or so ft. away from, what he described as a ‘dark gargoyle’ that was looking directly at him. The dog (a Standard Poodle) was restless and began to bark. The being stood up and made a growling-like sound…very guttural and menacing. The witness noticed that that eyes were small but had a distinct reddish glow. The being had the body shape similar to that of a human man, but gaunt and dark gray in color. There were large wings folded outward from its back…very similar to the typical image of a gargoyle, but much larger. The height was around 6 ft. or so. The head was somewhat conical and small compared to the rest of the body. It had long arms with claw-like hands, that swayed back and forth in front of the being.

After watching for about 10-15 seconds (he also had to maintain control of the dog, which was barking and pulling on the lead), the wings ‘snapped’ from the back of the being and spread out to a full span. The wings were very distinct with a dark membrane covering. He estimated the span was about 15 ft. and extended high above the being.

Then the being’s wings dropped to its side and it quickly propelled itself into the air, heading south in the direction of the Metro station. It made no sound as it ascended.

The witness quickly returned to his mother’s house, but he did not want to upset her by repeating his encounter. He told me that he had not heard of the sightings in Chicago and that he questioned what he has seen, until he heard the radio show. This is the first time he has talked about the incident.
NOTE: the witness was very convincing, and seemed relieved that he was able to safely recount his encounter. I believe that he may have been a member of the local police (Forest Park or Chicago) at some point in his career…but he never acknowledged it. He asked me not to use his name…not evenly his initials. This sighting has been added to the Chicago Phantom / Owlman / Mothman / Man-Bat / Flying Humanoid Reports – Chicago Metro Area – Interactive Map


A Monster in Lake Tahoe?

Broadly speaking, reports of strange creatures that are said to secretly live among us – in the mountains, the forests and the waters of our world – fall into several categories. There is the classic giant hairy-man, of course: Bigfoot. Long-necked lake-monsters abound: from Scotland’s Loch Ness to Lake Okanagan, Canada, and within the dark depths of countless other bodies of water around the world, too. Then, there are those bizarre flying monsters, such as the Mothman of West Virginia that was thrust into the spotlight in 2002 with the release of the movie version of John Keel’s 1975 book, The Mothman Prophecies. And, numerous reports of mysterious big-cats on the loose can be found in the files of monster-hunters everywhere.

Just occasionally, however, reports surface that are so weird it’s practically impossible to even begin to try and categorize them. But I guess that’s what makes the subject of cryptozoology so fascinating for those of us who study it: there’s never a dull moment. Take, for example, the story of Jim “Jug” Lloyd. Elderly and living in New Mexico, Jug told me back in 2002 of an encounter that his brother, William (who committed suicide in 1978) had with a very strange creature back in the late-1960s. The location, Jug revealed, was Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

William, an artist, was sitting near the water’s edge on a warm and bright Sunday morning: he was getting ready to capture on canvas the spectacular lake and the surrounding mountains, when a sudden and furious bubbling in the water a couple of hundred feet away caught his attention. “Brother Bill thought it was salmon.” At first. It soon became apparent, however, that whatever was causing all the commotion, it certainly wasn’t a school of salmon. As William continued to watch, he was astonished, and horrified too, to see what looked like a huge “pink jellyfish,” possibly twelve feet across, break the surface and, somewhat ominously, move slowly towards the shore.

For a few moments, William could only stare; but when the strange jelly-like mass got within about fifty feet of land, he knew it was time, as Jug put it, “to shift gears and move.” Having scooped up his oils, easel and lunchbox, William slowly retreated until he was around seventy or eighty feet from the shoreline, and, crouching behind a tree, continued to watch. Jug said that his brother had “felt sick when he seen it come [sic] out of the water.” And, as the story progressed, I was hardly surprised. William could finally see, as the beast struggled to haul itself out of the water and onto the sand-bar where he has been blissfully sitting only minutes before, that this was most definitely not the type of creature that one associates with Lake Tahoe – or, indeed, anywhere.

It was, he confided in Jug, “like an upside-down pink bowl with legs – or tentacles I suppose – coming out of it; too many to count.The thing he said to me [that] was worst, was it made a noise, like it was struggling to breathe: loud wheezing,” added Jug. Indeed, the sound of the heavy-breathing, coupled with the sight of the mass of tentacles that seemed to writhe and twitch on the shore, “made [William] sick to his gut.”

“Did he mention eyes, a mouth, or anything like that?” I asked Jug. “Nope; never anything like that: just a big lump of blubber, and these arms or legs, and the noise.”

For perhaps twenty minutes, the beast merely lay there, and William debated whether to move in for a closer look, given that, explained Jug, “he thought it was there dying.” Or was it? As William continued to wonder if he should edge forward, the shiny mass began to move, and its snake-like tentacles “started to push it back into the water.” Two minutes later, the beast was fully in the lake, with only a foot or so of its top section visible. And barely a minute after that, it had sunk beneath the waters, never to return. And that, in essence, was it.

It has to be said that this all sounds like someone had overdosed on far too much of H.P. Lovecraft’s output. And maybe that’s all it ever was. I lost touch with Jug back in 2010, when he no longer answered his emails. And, while there are certainly tales of strange creatures in Lake Tahoe (they go by the collective name of Tessie), I have never heard a story like this one before. And, I haven’t heard such a story since. A tall tale? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Is there a chance that Jug was speaking truthfully? I guess so. But, I’m hardly holding my breath.


The Monster of Issoir

For many years it is undeniably stated that in the fourteenth arrondissement of Paris–called the tomb of Issoir–a number of persons living in that quarter had mysteriously and periodically disappeared. The most careful researches, the most minute inquiries, the most skillful agents of the police had failed to discover the least trace of them. Every year successively some inhabitants of this quarter would suddenly disappear, leaving their friends overwhelmed with grief and anxiety. It is also stated that these strange, inexplicable facts always occurred in the early spring–from the 20th to the last of March–and without regard to age or sex.

First a notary disappeared. It was thought he had used his client’s funds and fled to parts unknown. Then an old woman, returning late one night from market, was the next victim, then a laborer going home from work. The last victim had been a young girl–a flower maker out late delivering her goods. From that time she had as completely disappeared as if the earth had opened and swallowed her up. Strange to say, no children had been among the victims. This peculiar fact was accounted for in this way. These mysterious disappearances always occurred late at night, when the children were at home asleep.

As the time was drawing near for one of these periodical mysteries the chief of police became very anxious and instituted a strict surveillance, confiding the matter to a number of the most skillful of his assistants, hoping the combined efforts of so many zealous agents would surely be crowned with success. You will now see the result.

One night–this fact can be verified by applying to the office of the prefecture–a policeman at about 3 o’clock in the morning heard a distant musical song, which seemed to come from the bowels of the earth. He listened and fancied the sounds came from an opening in the center of the street, at the foot of an enormous rock called the tomb of Issoir, or the Giant’s cave. It may be interesting to state that this rock derived its name from a legend that a great giant had been buried there many years before the Christian era, and this rock had been placed there to mark the tomb. Surprised at this strange discovery–for the opening had never been noticed before–the policeman waited, listening to this peculiar song, when he suddenly saw a young man approaching. He knew from his costume that he was a countryman lately arrived in the city. This young man also seemed to hear the subterranean sounds, first walking slowly with a peculiar wavering step, as if in cadence with this musical chant, then faster and faster as he drew near the fatal rock, until he ran with such velocity that in spite of the warning cries of the policeman he was swallowed up in this mysterious opening. Without taking a moment to consider the policeman recklessly followed, first firing his revolver and giving one or two vigorous blasts on his whistle. At this signal several of his comrades quickly arrived.

The musical chanting had ceased, but they could hear in the dark, cavernous depths the muffled sounds of a desperate struggle. By the aid of ropes and ladders they succeeded in entering this mysterious chasm. The light of their lamps revealed a sickening sight. The countryman was lying on his back writhing in the grasp of an unknown monster, whose horrible aspect froze the agents of police with terror. It was as large as a full grown terrier, covered with wartlike protuberances and bristling with coarse brownish hair. Eight jointed legs, terminated by formidable claws, were buried in the body of the unfortunate victim. The face had already disappeared. Nothing could be seen but the top of the head, and the monster was now engaged in tearing and sucking the blood from his throat. As soon as they recovered from their horror and surprise a dozen balls struck the body of this sanguinary beast. He raised up on his legs, a greenish, bloody liquid flowing from his wounds, and, with a frightful cry, expired. The first policeman, who had given the alarm, was lying unconscious in one corner of the cavern, where he had fallen, a distance of 30 feet. It was with great difficulty they succeeded in removing the two bodies and the unknown monster from the cavern. The poor countryman was dead, but the policeman was soon restored to life.

The agents immediately sent for the commissioner of police, who summoned a naturalist in great haste. The first established the identity of the victim; the second declared the creature lying before him was a gigantic spider. The species had been considered extinct for centuries–ever since the days before the deluge. It was called “Arachne gigans” and was said to have the power of enticing its victims by a peculiar musical song. None had been seen or heard of for ages, but it is now believed some of these sanguinary beasts still exist in the deepest galleries of the catacombs. The dead body of the spider was conveyed to the Museum of Natural History, where it was carefully prepared and stuffed and is now on exhibition.