They warned of the future dangers

Florida – 2018-04-29 – 19:49
I was sitting in a field and out of the sky came a glowing disc. I was frighted, scared, yet intrigued. It drew nearer. I felt the hairs on my arms tingle with excitement. The craft slowly started to descend onto the earth in front of me. Before I knew it three Reptilian beings appeared, seemingly from thin air. They spoke to me without moving their mouths. They warned of the future dangers that were to come. They told me of the wars that were going to break out in the near future. They also told me that I was a superior being and they needed samples of me to preserve the human race. They took me aboard their craft and had me spread my cheeks on the bridge of their ship. They used a long glowing device and stuck it up my rectum, took saliva samples, and I supplied them with a sperm sample. I passed out and awoke in the field this started in. I felt revitalized. I felt like a ascended being. – MUFON

Best part is when he describes getting probed by saying he “spread his cheeks”. Troll or not a troll?

‘I think it’s finally time to talk’

Probably one of the better descriptions of an alien being I’ve heard in a while…

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Source: ‘I think it’s finally time to talk’