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“Picture Day” 5″x7″ Original Watercolor $20.00 Shipped

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“The Great Cornholio” 5″x7″ Original Watercolor $20.00 Shipped

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“Nandi Bear” (Limited run of four, hand painted sculptures) $20.00 Shipped

The Nandi Bear, also called Ngoloko Duba, Chimosit, Kikambangwe, Chimisit, Vere, Kerit, Sabrookoo and various other names depending on the particular region, is a cryptid reported to live in Africa. The sightings of the Nandi Bear by Western backs up the reality of the beast. Officially there are no members of the bear family in Africa in modern times, but reports of bears or bear-like creatures are nothing new to Africa. The Nandi Bear is often described as being like a large hyena/ bear-like creature around 4-6 feet tall or the size of a black bear. Some have speculated that Nandi Bears are in fact misidentified hyenas or a surviving chalicotheres.