The Highgate Vampire

The highgate cemetery is rumored to have a vampire living in it.
In the late 60s early 70s, a psychic investigator named David Farrent Went to investigate the place only to encounter a dark figure that reportedly drained him of energy and then slinked away.

This was one of the more mild reports.

Other people have reported to see this thing close up and have described it as a walking, rotting corpse with pointy, vampire like teeth.

The thing is said to live under the cemetery, in a series of tunnels that once were part of an ancient castle that originally occupied the grounds.

Mel’s Hole

Mel’s hole is actually a story about two holes. The first hole was on Mel’s property in Washington state. It was rumored to be bottomless and people would come around to throw there garbage into it only to be greeted by no reports of the stuff crashing down to the ground.

Eventually this hole was alleged by Mel to be seized by the government and Mel would have to move on to other holes.

He found one in Nevada and this one was even stranger than the last. In true Pet Cemetery fashion, a nearby hunter threw his dead dog in the hole and saw it several days later, running through the woods.

Mel reported seeing a black light emit from the hole at night for short periods of time. For what purpose, even Mel couldn’t figure why.

One day, Mel decided to conduct an experiment. He took a live sheep and lowered it down the hole as far as he could. After a while, he pulled it back up to find it dead.

It looked normal from the outside, but when Mel cut it opened, it appeared to be cooked and the internal organs were missing, replaced by a giant tumor. Sensing movement inside of it, Mel cut it open to find a seal like creature with a human eyes. Mel described its gaze as being hypnotic but peaceful. It soon hopped back into the hole.

Le Loyon Mystery Man

A photo was recently shot depicting a legendary person, a person known as Le Loyon, a figure that has been haunting the same path in the swiss woods for over ten years.

The figures appearance is unsettling but its behaviour has never been described as menacing or threatening. The person dawns a military uniform, a thick cloak, and his trademark gas mask.

The figure has been theorized as being a crazy woman, to a man with severe burns or some other kind of severe skin condition.

In early reports of Le Loyon, it was said that the figure was often seen carrying a boquet of flowers.

Top 5 Weird Trail Cam Pictures

For the most part, a lot of these trail cam photos are fakes, or are pics of people finding trail cams and deciding to mess with them. That being said, hoaxer or not, if I ran across this guy in the woods, I would loose my beans.

Like Blue Oyster Cult once sang, don’t fear the reaper… but what if the reaper has his ghost dork out? What is that thing?

I don’t even have a fear of clowns, but this is terrifying. He even has that suit that fills up with air so you can have puffy pants.

I’m not sure what this is, but it is pretty creepy. I have a feeling a fellow hunter lost a contact and he and his buddies are searching for it in the middle of some light rain.

To me, this is a creepy photo. Why is the guys face all blurry and why, oh why is he wearing his pants so high. That is so creepy.

The Monster of Issoir

For many years it is undeniably stated that in the fourteenth arrondissement of Paris–called the tomb of Issoir–a number of persons living in that quarter had mysteriously and periodically disappeared. The most careful researches, the most minute inquiries, the most skillful agents of the police had failed to discover the least trace of them. Every year successively some inhabitants of this quarter would suddenly disappear, leaving their friends overwhelmed with grief and anxiety. It is also stated that these strange, inexplicable facts always occurred in the early spring–from the 20th to the last of March–and without regard to age or sex.

First a notary disappeared. It was thought he had used his client’s funds and fled to parts unknown. Then an old woman, returning late one night from market, was the next victim, then a laborer going home from work. The last victim had been a young girl–a flower maker out late delivering her goods. From that time she had as completely disappeared as if the earth had opened and swallowed her up. Strange to say, no children had been among the victims. This peculiar fact was accounted for in this way. These mysterious disappearances always occurred late at night, when the children were at home asleep.

As the time was drawing near for one of these periodical mysteries the chief of police became very anxious and instituted a strict surveillance, confiding the matter to a number of the most skillful of his assistants, hoping the combined efforts of so many zealous agents would surely be crowned with success. You will now see the result.

One night–this fact can be verified by applying to the office of the prefecture–a policeman at about 3 o’clock in the morning heard a distant musical song, which seemed to come from the bowels of the earth. He listened and fancied the sounds came from an opening in the center of the street, at the foot of an enormous rock called the tomb of Issoir, or the Giant’s cave. It may be interesting to state that this rock derived its name from a legend that a great giant had been buried there many years before the Christian era, and this rock had been placed there to mark the tomb. Surprised at this strange discovery–for the opening had never been noticed before–the policeman waited, listening to this peculiar song, when he suddenly saw a young man approaching. He knew from his costume that he was a countryman lately arrived in the city. This young man also seemed to hear the subterranean sounds, first walking slowly with a peculiar wavering step, as if in cadence with this musical chant, then faster and faster as he drew near the fatal rock, until he ran with such velocity that in spite of the warning cries of the policeman he was swallowed up in this mysterious opening. Without taking a moment to consider the policeman recklessly followed, first firing his revolver and giving one or two vigorous blasts on his whistle. At this signal several of his comrades quickly arrived.

The musical chanting had ceased, but they could hear in the dark, cavernous depths the muffled sounds of a desperate struggle. By the aid of ropes and ladders they succeeded in entering this mysterious chasm. The light of their lamps revealed a sickening sight. The countryman was lying on his back writhing in the grasp of an unknown monster, whose horrible aspect froze the agents of police with terror. It was as large as a full grown terrier, covered with wartlike protuberances and bristling with coarse brownish hair. Eight jointed legs, terminated by formidable claws, were buried in the body of the unfortunate victim. The face had already disappeared. Nothing could be seen but the top of the head, and the monster was now engaged in tearing and sucking the blood from his throat. As soon as they recovered from their horror and surprise a dozen balls struck the body of this sanguinary beast. He raised up on his legs, a greenish, bloody liquid flowing from his wounds, and, with a frightful cry, expired. The first policeman, who had given the alarm, was lying unconscious in one corner of the cavern, where he had fallen, a distance of 30 feet. It was with great difficulty they succeeded in removing the two bodies and the unknown monster from the cavern. The poor countryman was dead, but the policeman was soon restored to life.

The agents immediately sent for the commissioner of police, who summoned a naturalist in great haste. The first established the identity of the victim; the second declared the creature lying before him was a gigantic spider. The species had been considered extinct for centuries–ever since the days before the deluge. It was called “Arachne gigans” and was said to have the power of enticing its victims by a peculiar musical song. None had been seen or heard of for ages, but it is now believed some of these sanguinary beasts still exist in the deepest galleries of the catacombs. The dead body of the spider was conveyed to the Museum of Natural History, where it was carefully prepared and stuffed and is now on exhibition.


Goodbye,, Hardly Knew Ya.

Vidme is shutting down and I don’t like it. Coulda’ been good, coulda’ done things the right way for content providers. At least, that’s what I WANTED it to be as Rome was burning – i.e. “The Youtube Adpocolypse”. If you are not sure what the adpocalypse is, in a nutshell, it was basically just Youtube cracking down on “non-commercial friendly content”. They did this by demonetizing that undesirable content, deleting videos, deleting channels, and other nefarious tacts to discourage and, sometimes, successfully drive off the undesirables.

You could call this censorship, however, let’s remember that Youtube is a business and it has every right to run it’s ship how it wants. As a content provider, I experienced the crunch of the adpocalypse myself, going from making fifteen to twenty bucks a month on ad revenue, to fifty cents… I shit you negative fiddy cent. So, in my experience, this apocalypse was less about getting rid of the riffraff, and more about not being able to pay out to its content providers. Everyone got hit! I made completely inoffensive videos about bigfoot, by the way, so it’s hard for my to buy into the censorship slant.

So why couldn’t Youtube pay? I’ve heard that it was because some people were successfully uploading porn and beheading videos, so, naturally the advertisers paying Youtube got spooked, up-sticks, and left, leaving Youtube unable to pay me. Thanks guys. These are all just rumors and it’s not like I’m able to talk to Youtube, all I know for sure is, is that I went from being able to buy a nice case of craft beer every month on account of my video making, to not being able to buy a candy bar. This I know for a fact. So, naturally, I chose to demonetize, as I wasn’t going to subject my audience to advertisements if I’m not getting paid. I deserved that tip money and people delivered that to me by sitting through an ad or two.

Needless to say, I now only use video sites for what they are best suited for – a promotional tool. I would pursue and create more compelling videos and get back on Adsense (Youtube/Googles revenue program i.e. how I got my beer money) if Youtube fixed itself and/or another video hosting website was able to do it right. R.I.P. Vidme, and best of luck to Youtube trying to become the next Netflix and Hulu. I don’t think people want to pay a 9.99$ subscription fee to watch scented candle unboxings and the “original content” Youtube Red is producing looks more bland and useless than a show on The WB. But then again, the Opium of the masses seems to be a nice spoonful of tripe, so, they will probably be very successful. God bless America.