The Wyoming Incident

The Wyoming incident was the 2006 high jacking of a news station that broadcasted to all of Niobrara County in northeastern Wyoming. The transmit ion lasted just under six minutes, the footage showing disembodied heads making strange faces, cryptic text, and eerie music.

This incident might have come and gone, had it not been for complaints coming in from the people who witnessed the transmission. The claims of the effected were nausea, vomiting and headaches. Some even claimed to have hallucinations. The broadcast appeared to be causing these effects, as it was transmitted at 17 and 19 Hz, a frequency that is said to have similar effects on the senses.

The people who transmitted this broadcast have never been caught…and that’s because it was a hoax… to be more specific, it was a hoax that was an ARG. If you don’t know what an ARG is, it is basically a game that uses the Internet as a platform for a type of scavenger hunt.

If you want to know to know more about this Internet myth, I have included link to a statement by the creator in the info box. You can hear the makers of “The Wyoming Incident” explain themselves in their own words. Enjoy.

The Myaka Skunk Ape Photos

16 years ago, two photographs, along with a typed letter were mailed to the Sarasota county Sheriffs department in Sarasota, Florida.

The writer of the note, an elderly woman, explained that something had been visiting her backyard and taking apples off of the porch. She managed to catch glimpses of the creature and she came to the conclusion that it was an escaped orangutan. Further on in the letter, however, she tends to contradict herself pertaining to the qualities of an orangutan, giving rise to a sense of false naivety.

She mentions that the thing smells bad and also that the thing is the size of about four large deer. If you know well enough what an orangutan looks like, then you probably know how big one is, and it is certainly not the size of four full grown deer, in fact, no living primate is that large. For this reason, and for the fact that she mentioned it smelled, makes me think that the writer of the letter may have been plying the reader into thinking this might, in fact, be some type of mystery ape. The yet to be documented mystery ape that hails from the south and smells bad is, you guest it, the skunk ape.

It is possible that this is merely a coincidence and the woman is truly naive when it comes to her identifications, and I myself can see why someone would think it looks like an orangutan because it most certainly does except it seems much larger.

Naturally, people have said that this photo is a hoax, but I have not came across a convincing argument to say that it is definitively a fake, but hey, if any of you have come across the smoking gun on these photos, feel free to post it in the comments.

The Legend of the Bunnyman

In 1904 a bus carrying a group of criminally insane inmates crashed near a bridge in Fairfax County. All but five died, including the driver. A search party found four of the inmate’s dead, skinned and disemboweled hanging from the trees.
It was naturally assumed that the remaining inmate was to blame for the carnage. In the coming days the search party would find skinned, and half eaten rabbits hanging from the trees. The search party soon dubbed the missing inmate, “the bunny man”.
The search party finally found the bunny man. They chased him back to the bridge were the original crash happened, where the bunny man was hit by a train. Even after the bunny man was killed, the search party could hear evil laughter coming from under the bridge.
It has been said that murders similar to the bunny man’s have occurred throughout the years after his death commonly occurring on Halloween night.

The Alabama Tin Foil Alien

On the night of October 17th, 1973, in Falkville, Alabama, police chief Jeff Greenhaw received a frantic phone call from a woman claiming to have seen a spaceship land in an open field.

Greenhaw wasted no time and arrived to the scene with his Polaroid camera. It was 10 p.m. When he finally arrived at the scene. He took a look around but found no trace of the alleged spacecraft. He caught sight of something along the road, and with his Polaroid at the ready; he walked closer to the thing.

It was a being dressed in a bright, shiny outfit, like it was made of metal. It was moving stiff and in a mechanical fashion, recalls Greenhaw. There was no neck, as the head of the thing blended into the shoulders. He managed to take four photos of the thing before turning on the headlights of his cruiser, startling the creature, causing it to run into the field.

Greenhaw took off in pursuit of the thing, however, he could only go about 35 mph as the bumpy field impeded his ability to keep pace with the humanoid, who was going much faster, proving that it couldn’t have been a person in a suit. He soon lost sight of the thing but was excited to have photographic evidence of the thing.

He would soon regret coming forward with the photos and the story, as nothing but bad things came with his disclosure. He was ridiculed by the town and even received threatening phone calls. And that wasn’t even the worst of it. His wife soon left him, his house burned down and he was terminated from his job as police chief.

As John Keel states in many of his books, it is common for people who have had close encounters with alien beings to experience some type of fire related incident, many times the witnesses house is burnt down.

The Gable Film (Michigan Dogman Hoax)

For me, the Gable film was one of the most intriguing pieces of crytozoological footage, I had ever seen. The 8mm film was alleged to have been purchased at an estate sale by an anonymous source. The footage was digitized and surfaced on the Internet in 2007.

The footage showed normal, everyday scenes of a family living a pleasant, rural lifestyle, riding snowmobiles, chopping wood, and working on trucks. Judging from the style of clothing and models of the vehicles, the footage appears to have been shot in the late 60’s to early 70’s.

The film soon takes a dark turn. The filmmakers are driving down a two track when they see something skulking by the tree line. They stop the car to get a better look. They get out of their vehicle only to be charged by this strange creature. It never gets up on two legs, but it is clearly a large, weird looking creature that has canid features. There are a few frames in this sequence that show a set pointy, canine teeth.

A second piece of footage is released and its contents were gory. It depicts Michigan state troopers documenting a bloody carcass. It appears to be the same man who is seen in the other piece of footage, except he is torn in have. One can only assume that this film is the property of the Michigan State Police and I don’t recall it ever being explained how this footage was released.

Like most things that are too good to be true, this alleged footage of a dogman murder was a well-crafted fake. Monster Quest interviewed the creature Mike Agrusa, where he explains in great detail how he had hoaxed the film.

Oneway Michigan Dogman Photo

There are two stories behind the 2004 Onaway, MI dogman photo, but both involve a young boy taking the picture in his families mini-van.

The first story involves the family hunting deer with relitives. With their kills gutted, the family climbs into their minivan to leave. The boy takes his seat in the back of the van. As the van rolled away, the boy turned around to see a huge, werewolf like creature standing over the gut pile and growling. He quickly grabbed his camera and snapped the picture.

The Second story involves the family pulling into a rest stop where they were going to take a break from their late night commute. As they came to a stop, they looked out the back window to see the fearsome creature baring its teeth and walking towards the van. The kid snapped the photo before they sped away into the night.

The Creature looks more like a bear than a wolf in my opinion and there are plenty of bears in northern Michigan. It is, none the less, a creepy photo. Tell me what you think it is in the comments.