The Taman Shud Mystery Man

6:30 a.m., December 1st, Somerton Beach in South Australia. A man is sat against a breakwall; an unlit cigarette perched on his slouched chest, his legs crossed. The well-dressed man has the appearance of sleeping off a late night drunk. But the man is not drunk, the man is dead.

Many people observed the now deceased man the night before, again, having the appearance of being drunk. He was seen being carried by another well-dressed man to the area where he would eventually be discovered the following morning.

At one point in the evening, the man is observed lying on his back in the sand and suddenly raising his hand to full extent, only to drop it.

The pathologist described the man as 40-45, in perfect shape, having the feet and legs of a ballet dancer, well dressed but not in possession of a hat, a rarity for time. It was noted that all labels on the clothing had been removed.

He had no identification on him and his dental records could not be matched to anyone. Even with the help of Scotland Yard and the FBI, they had no luck finding a match.

An autopsy on the man revealed that the cause of his death was most likely poisoning, making the sighting of the man being carried by another unknown, man a point of interest in the case.

A small piece of paper was found in the man’s pants pocket. On the paper, printed in unique font, were the words Tamam Shud. It appeared to be ripped from the page of a book, that book was found to be Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyám. The phrase Tamam Shud in Persian means ended or finished. It is just my opinion, but I believe that the paper was planted on the man, so that when his body was found, the media would mention the tamam shud scrap, letting the right person, or persons, know that the man had successfully been killed.

More strange and cryptic evidence was linked to the mystery man with the discovery of a brown suitcase that was found at the train station where the man had checked it. Multiple garments in the suitcase also had their tags removed except for one tag that was left; it was a tag that read “KEANE” except for one tag that dropped the “E” at the end of “KEANE”. It is speculated that these tags that bore a name were left only because it wasn’t the man’s name. The man was embalmed and buried in the local cemetery. Flowers began showing up on the mystery man’s grave and a woman suspected of leaving them was questioned but she claimed it was not her.

All these strange details surrounding the tamam shud mystery man’s death have lead to the speculation that he was a spy, and to this day, his identity is still unknown.

Do this some other time. This is probably a hoax
Whenever I think of The Tamam Shud case, I tend to find it similar to the case of The Taured Man. In this case, an unknown man is uncounted in a Tokyo customs line where it is discovered that the man comes from a country that does not exist.

Robert Fortney Blue Eyed Dogman Encounter

Green Charter township, in Mecosta county, a man named Robert Fortney is camping along the Muskegon river when a pack of wild dogs close in on him.
Fortney remained silent, but the sensitive noses of the dogs quickly picked up his scent. Since he had been small game hunting earlier in the day, Fortney had his loaded rifle nearby.

As the dogs approached, they assumed the group posture of a pack on a hunt. Fortney picked up the gun and fired a shot into the air.
The dogs cringed and turned to slink back into the forest, all accept one: a huge black dog with unusual eyes.

“They were blue,” said Fortney. “What kind of dog has blue eyes?” The big dog and Fortney considered each other for a long moment, less than ten feet separating them. Fortney fired another shot over the head of the strange dog. Then to Fortney’s shock and amazement, the black dog stood up on two legs and cast a glare that sent shivers down his spine.

“It reared up on its hind legs and stared at me,” said Fortney in a phone interview in 1987. “It may be that I was just scared, but I swear that dog was smiling at me.”

This detail of a Dogman seeming to smile is common to the legend of the Michigan Dogman and seems to suggest that the creature has a devious, calculating demeanor.

The First Dog Man Sighting

A cool summer mornin’ in early June is when the legend began,….At a nameless logging camp in Wexford County where the Manistee River ran. ….Eleven lumberjacks near the Garland Swamp found an animal they thought was a dog.

….In a playful mood they chased it around …’til it ran inside a hollow log….. A logger named Johnson grabbed him a stick and poked around inside… Then the thing let out an unearthly scream and came out …and stood upright. .

..None of those men ever said very much about whatever happened then. ….They just packed up their belongings and left that night and were never heard from again.

This is how Steve Cook’s “The Legend” begins and it is touted as the first Michigan Dogman sighting. Since the airing of the Steve cook song, there have been over 500 Wolfman/Dogman sightings.

The Vietnam Rock Apes

In the Vietnam War, American GIs were not only fighting the Viet Cong, but Bigfoot. You heard me right, Bigfoot, or, as they were referred to by the American soldiers as rock apes.

Bigfoot like creatures have been seen all over the world, including the jungles of Vietnam so conflicts with the lurking beasts’ and soldiers, were not uncommon.

On patrol one day, Sgt. Thomas M. Jenkins witnessed his men being pelted with rocks by a group of large, bipedal apes. This is how the creatures would get their names. It is even reported that a GI was picked up and thrown off a cliff by one of these incredibly aggressive animals.

One of these apes was clearly the alpha of the group, and would burst out of the dense jungle and into the clearing where the soldiers were camped, roaring and pumping its fist, and waking the men up.

Another sighting involved a helicopter pilot spotting one of these jungle Bigfoots climbing a defoliated tree, shaking it back and forth.

Another theory involving these Vietnamese rock apes is it’s alleged ties to the Minnesota iceman. The story goes that one of these apes were shot and killed in the Vietnamese jungles, then air lifted to Chino, California where it made its way to a traveling carnival that was promoted by a Vietnam vet, Rick Hanson.

Are Dogmen Aliens?

In Stan Gordan’s “Silent Invasion”, a strong connection is drawn between Bigfoot sightings and u.f.o. sightings. In fact, in some more rare cases, Bigfoot like creatures have been seen exiting ufo crafts and walking off into the woods. To do what, who knows, probably to show up as a dark blob on someone’s video or picture.

When people describe these bigfoot-like creatures in the book, however, the description is more canid rather than simian. Typically the creatures are described as having long arms, past the thighs, eyes are luminous red and sometimes, on rare occasions, green. The snout is long and dog-like. The ears are pointed, like a dog’s.

It doesn’t stop with the strange description of the bigfoot/dogman like creatures that are seen around the ufo craft. Often times it would appear that these creatures have powers of some sort. From being shot at point blank range, but instead of dying, they simply de-materialize. To a particularly odd account of an albino Bigfoot walking down a street, holding a glowing orb while a strange craft hovers over the creature, appearing to be following it.

If you are as interested in the “bigfoot/ufo connection” as I am, then “Silent Invasion” is a must have. Link in the discripty.