The Mummified Nephilim Finger

In 1988, a Swiss entrepreneur was vacationing in Egypt when a rare opportunity came to him. A man approached him and asked if he, for almost 3000 Egyptian pounds, would be interested in viewing a rare find that he had obtained from grave robbers. A lover of Egyptian antiquity, he could not say no.

It was brought out in musty rags, and when it was unfurled, the contents shocked the Swiss tourist. It was a massive, mummified finger. It appeared to be hacked off, jagged bone poking out of the end and was the size of the average human arm.

The Swiss man took photos of it and as he did he was informed that it was taken from a gravesite near the great pyramids and was thought to be the finger of Nephilim. Nephilim were the giants said to walk the earth before the great flood.

The finger was said to have been hacked off with a hatchet post mortem, however, the skin has clearly dried and pulled back, suggesting it was separated from the body when the flesh was fresh. What do you think, real or fake. Sound off in the comments.

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