The Green Children of Woolpit

In the city of Woolpit, in 1135, strange children were discovered during the harvest. The reapers saw the children emerging from the pits designed to catch wolfs and went over to investigate. The children had green skin, were dressed in a strange style of clothing made from unidentifiable fabrics and speaking gibberish.

The children were taken to the landowner, Richard de Calne, where they were offered bread and cheese to eat, but they refused the food. They burst into tears and appeared to be in great distress, so the men continued to audition different types of food. When the children were presented peas, they excitedly ate them up.

Over time, the boy became disspondant, stopped eating, and soon passed away. The girl, however, seemed to thrive. As she matured, she lost her green skin and started eating foods other than green veggies. She soon learned how to speak English, got baptized, and married.

Later in her life, when questioned about her origins, she and her brother had come from a place called “The Land of Saint Martin” where it was always in perptetual twilight. She described the land as “luminous” and that there was another city that could be seen in the distance that was also luminous, however, she did not know where the land of saint martin was.

She said that they were tending their father’s sheep when the flock wandered into a cave. The brother and sister went in pursuit, attempting to drive the herd back out, but heard bells tinkiling within the caverns, and decided to investigate.

They came out the other side, to a place where full daylight blazed down on them. They grew tired and layed down until they heard the sound of the reapers, where they were then discovered.

The reason I love this obscure and weird piece of history is that, at face value, it seems to be a parable of some kind… You are what you eat, eat more veggies… I don’t know what the message would be, but it doesn’t matter because this allegedly based on true events.

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