Dog Men Spotted in Graveyards

Wisconsin 1936, Jefferson County
A Security was making his rounds on the grounds of a convent for the disabled. Back behind the main building was an old cemetery. He noticed some commotion coming from one of the Indian burial mounds. It looked to be a dog trying to dig up the grave.

He shone his flashlight on it only to reveal something that was not of the known world. He noticed it was man sized, shaggy and had pointed ears.

This is where the account gets weird. It is alleged that the creature stood up on two legs, turned towards the night guard, and growled Gadara, which is an ancient city in the bible, a place known as “the city of demons”. It then took off, upright on two legs.

The night guard, a religious man, new the city well and quickly identified the beast reference. In fact, when speaking of his encounter to his son, he said that he thought the thing was a demon.

He certainly witnessed something strange, whether dogmen are demons or not, well, I guess that could be up for debate. This account, however, was not the only one involving a graveyard.

In 2003 another Wisconsin resident encountered a very similar scenario involving a dog like man. The young man drove past a graveyard to see a tall, wolf like creature standing on two legs, with an obvious build that was less canid and more humanoid.

In Stan Gordon’s “Silent Invasion”, seeing doglike/bigfoot humanoids lurking around graveyards is a common thing. In that book, however, the creatures are thought to be a possible form of alien instead of a demon.

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