The Myaka Skunk Ape Photos

16 years ago, two photographs, along with a typed letter were mailed to the Sarasota county Sheriffs department in Sarasota, Florida.

The writer of the note, an elderly woman, explained that something had been visiting her backyard and taking apples off of the porch. She managed to catch glimpses of the creature and she came to the conclusion that it was an escaped orangutan. Further on in the letter, however, she tends to contradict herself pertaining to the qualities of an orangutan, giving rise to a sense of false naivety.

She mentions that the thing smells bad and also that the thing is the size of about four large deer. If you know well enough what an orangutan looks like, then you probably know how big one is, and it is certainly not the size of four full grown deer, in fact, no living primate is that large. For this reason, and for the fact that she mentioned it smelled, makes me think that the writer of the letter may have been plying the reader into thinking this might, in fact, be some type of mystery ape. The yet to be documented mystery ape that hails from the south and smells bad is, you guest it, the skunk ape.

It is possible that this is merely a coincidence and the woman is truly naive when it comes to her identifications, and I myself can see why someone would think it looks like an orangutan because it most certainly does except it seems much larger.

Naturally, people have said that this photo is a hoax, but I have not came across a convincing argument to say that it is definitively a fake, but hey, if any of you have come across the smoking gun on these photos, feel free to post it in the comments.

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