The Illuminati

The illuminati has been around for thousands of years. A select, aristocratic group, are said to have bred with a race of reptilian aliens throughout the years creating a human hybrid. This illuminati based theory was popularized by David Icke.

Less celestial origins have the illuminati coming into play around the 1760s, founded by Adam Weishaupt, a defector of the Catholic church. The group was financed by international bankers with one main goal in mind; to have a one world government and to phase out religion. They do this by fomenting wars to weaken empires. It is even suggested they were behind the French and American revolutions in order to weaken the French and British Empires.

It is speculated that the illuminati is shaping up the third world war, to be fought between the “political Zionist” and the nation of Islam, where Islam will drain the western world until there is no choice but to form a one world government.

I don’t know about you, but I like the Ikian concept of space lizards breading into royal bloodlines rather than the real world explanation of the Illuminati. It’s just a little to, I don’t know, real.

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