Mel’s Hole

Mel’s hole is actually a story about two holes. The first hole was on Mel’s property in Washington state. It was rumored to be bottomless and people would come around to throw there garbage into it only to be greeted by no reports of the stuff crashing down to the ground.

Eventually this hole was alleged by Mel to be seized by the government and Mel would have to move on to other holes.

He found one in Nevada and this one was even stranger than the last. In true Pet Cemetery fashion, a nearby hunter threw his dead dog in the hole and saw it several days later, running through the woods.

Mel reported seeing a black light emit from the hole at night for short periods of time. For what purpose, even Mel couldn’t figure why.

One day, Mel decided to conduct an experiment. He took a live sheep and lowered it down the hole as far as he could. After a while, he pulled it back up to find it dead.

It looked normal from the outside, but when Mel cut it opened, it appeared to be cooked and the internal organs were missing, replaced by a giant tumor. Sensing movement inside of it, Mel cut it open to find a seal like creature with a human eyes. Mel described its gaze as being hypnotic but peaceful. It soon hopped back into the hole.

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