Butcher, Baker Robert Hanson Alaskan Serial Killer

Robert Hanson was arguably one of the more vicious and insidious serial killers to haunt the darker halls of history. He grew up in Iowa, his father a baker. He was very shy and had a face full of acne. Shunned and teased by the attractive girls at his high school, he grew to hate them and even fantasized about killing them.

He found solace in hunting and would spend a lot of time isolated in the woods. He later joined the army and was a successful drill instructor in Pocahontas, Iowa. Things were going well for Hanson, he even got married in 1960, but his dark anger would soon get the better of him.

He served 20 months in jail for burning down a bus garage for the public school system in Pocahontas. During his incarceration, his wife filed for divorce. After he got out, he moved to Anchorage, Alaska.

Possibly inspired the short story “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, Robert Hanson would abduct woman, fly them into the wilderness in his Cessna, and then hunt them down. This would later be his downfall. While loading the small plane with supplies, his last victim managed to unlock the door to the car and run to safety.

Hanson died in 2014 and if there is a hell, he is surely continuing his life sentence for the murder of 17 and the assault of 30 woman.

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